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About Biocom California Institute - Where the life science community meets the talent it needs to thrive.

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Biocom California Institute’s mission is to develop and promote a skilled and diverse pipeline of talent to accelerate the growth of the life sciences ecosystem.

Biocom California Institute is a 501(c)(3) that accelerates the growth of California’s life science ecosystem through innovative workforce development and STEM education programs and strategies. We identify innovative solutions to address employers' workforce needs, conduct research, and support the current and emerging life sciences workforce through professional development and outreach. With a goal to build a highly skilled and diverse talent pipeline and promote lifelong learning, Biocom California Institute supports life science innovation and success state-wide and in our local communities. Biocom California Institute is an affiliate of Biocom, the largest and most experienced advocate for California’s life science sector. For more information on Biocom California Institute, please visit our website at www.biocominstitute.org and connect with us on Twitter (@BiocomInstitute).

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