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Alveo is leading the transformation of the consumer health tech market by developing a low-cost, easy- to-use, at-home diagnostic platform that has the potential to change the way infectious diseases are detected and managed. The company’s be.well™ testing system is designed to give individuals access to cutting-edge molecular testing and cloud-based data analytics for rapid diagnosis and management of infectious diseases. With an initial focus on acute respiratory infections including COVID-19, Flu A/B and RSV, Alveo’s agile and dynamic diagnostic platform could be adapted to detect a wide range of diseases that threaten public health. We believe affordable access to real-time, at-home results will transform the way individuals, healthcare providers and public health professionals identify and manage disease outbreaks. With be.well™, we will Know Sooner, Act Faster™ and make better-informed decisions regarding personalized intervention options that benefit individuals and the entire population.

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April 19, 2022