Amunix Pharmaceuticals

Amunix Pharmaceuticals
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Amunix is an immuno-oncology company leveraging our proprietary, clinically validated Pro-XTEN technology platform to discover and develop transformative T cell engagers (TCEs) and cytokine therapies for patients with cancer. We aim to expand the therapeutic index of TCEs and cytokines, which have demonstrated anti-tumor clinical activity, but have not realized their potential due to dose-limiting on-target, off-tumor toxicity.

We address this challenge by using our universal, protease-releasable masking technology (Pro-XTEN), to create next generation, conditionally active TCEs (XPATs®) and cytokines (XPACs), that are preferentially activated in tumors as compared to healthy tissues.

Experience and culture matter. At Amunix, we challenge ourselves and our colleagues, and bring a critical eye and rigor to everything we do. Biology is complex and hard to predict, but with deep experience, diversity of thinking, and scientific rigor, we believe we maximize our chance of making a real difference for cancer patients.

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April 19, 2022