Through advancements in the genetic mapping of the human genome, Avellino is building a world class platform for the effective and rapid analysis of genes associated with important medical conditions.

Avellino Labs is the first and only lab in the United States performing commercial genetic testing for Avellino Corneal Dystrophy. Our advanced genetic diagnostics systems provide fast, safe and affordable evaluations of an individual’s genetic pre-disposition for specific medical conditions.

Through our proprietary genetic test, the AGDS™ (Avellino – GENE Detection System), Avellino Lab USA provides to the ophthalmic community a rapid and inexpensive screening system to protect people from blindness while providing information to patients whether they carry the ACD gene mutation. Such knowledge protects the tested individual and family members from Lasik surgery and guides them towards the use of prophylactic measures.

Company Information

April 19, 2022