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With your help, Canventa Life Sciences is dedicated to advancing medical research by providing scientists with the material they need in their pursuit of drug discovery and new therapies. We are committed to setting the highest standard for the collection of human blood and bone marrow specimens to be used by the research community, placing the health, safety, and comfort of our donors at the core of our donor programs.

We are motivated by our ability to impact research, enabling scientists to access the human biospecimens required to translate their research into therapies and improve patient outcomes. This accelerates the pace of research, driving drug discovery and therapeutic treatment of human disease.

At Canventa, together we are Giving Life to Research.

The use of human blood and other specimens in scientific research is critically important for the advancement of medical breakthroughs and life-saving treatments. Scientists depend on these generous donations of human blood to accelerate their research, but one of their main concerns is specimen availability.

Canventa collects human blood and bone marrow from healthy donors and processes it into samples that go directly towards advancing this research. Our goal is to reduce the amount of time it takes for researchers to get these precious samples, helping them achieve their breakthroughs faster.

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April 19, 2022