As a global leader in precision medicine testing services, we partner with our clients to address the most complex biomarker and bioanalytical challenges and deliver highly customized testing solutions. With facilities located in Canada, United States, Belgium, Australia and China, CellCarta provides the expertise needed locally to support global clinical trials.

CellCarta offers access to integrated analytical platforms in immunology (immune monitoring), histopathology, proteomics and genomics, as well as digital pathology/AI and sample management, logistics and kitting services.

At CellCarta we are experts at assessing the immune system, whether in the context of oncology, infectious diseases, or autoimmune diseases. With a proven track record in other therapeutic areas as, such as neurological and metabolic disorders, we handle all human biological specimens and deploy relevant technologies to extract valuable information for research and diagnostic applications. We provide assay development and testing services to support a wide variety of translational research, clinical trials, and diagnostic applications.

Committed to delivering the highest quality science and innovation, CellCarta recently acquired :
– Biogazelle: genomics testing solutions, dPCR, qPCR & RNAseq
– Reveal Biosciences: AI pathology & ImageDxTM platform
– Clinical Logistics: specialty specimen logistics and kitting services
– Mosaic Laboratories: multiplex immunohistochemistry assays development and deployment.

Company Information

April 19, 2022