At Citrogene we have developed a novel, proprietary microfabrication technology and process to produce high precision components in thin glass sheets. The high precision components have key applications in microelectronics, bioengineering and life sciences. With our process we can take any cad design above 30 um resolution and transfer that design in to any type of glass such as Quartz, Borofloat, Fused Silica,…

Here at Citrogene we have developed a number of different proprietary technologies aimed at reducing or eliminating the need of external pressure sources such as syringes, vacuum or pumps, in microfluidic applications. We can quickly modify our designs to meet the requirement of our customers and partners.

Citrogene’s mission is to use our engineering solutions to fill existing technology and innovation gaps in the processing of brittle materials and provide elegant solutions to complex glass engineering problems on a sub-millimeter level.

Company Information

April 19, 2022