DICE Therapeutics


At DICE Therapeutics, we design and develop innovative therapies in immunology for patients with debilitating disease. Seeking to create a future where convenient oral medicines with biologic-like efficacy are available to patients with serious medical conditions, we are developing oral alternatives to medicines currently limited to injectable forms. We believe that such pills will be widely appreciated by patients and doctors alike, as they provide a lower bar to entry than biologics, and as oral medicines can easily be co-formulated with other efficacious drugs.
The combination of our core technology with additional, unique biophysical insights has enabled DICE to target protein-protein interactions with small molecules. In doing so, DICE has cracked open a previously intractable set of clinically validated therapeutic targets, including Interleukin-17 (IL-17). Our lead program – an orally bioavailable IL-17 antagonist for the treatment of psoriasis – is currently progressing through IND-enabling studies. In parallel, we continue to advance both partnered and internal pipeline drug discovery programs, providing a robust pre-clinical pipeline.

Company Information

April 20, 2022