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Gritstone bio brings together a group of distinguished scientific founders and advisors, a highly experienced and diverse leadership team and a seasoned and successful board of directors to tackle fundamental challenges at the intersection of cancer genomics, immunotherapy and other precision therapy areas, specifically in COVID-19 and HIV.

With our unique approach to immuno-oncology and infectious diseases, we seek to generate a therapeutic immune response by leveraging insights into the immune system’s ability to recognize and destroy diseased cells by targeting select antigens. We started with a focus on tumor-specific neoantigens and more recently extended our programs to include viral antigens displayed on the surface of virus-infected cells. The biology underlying immune system recognition of targets on the surface of abnormal cells is common to both anti-tumor and anti-viral immunity. Consequently, we believe that activating and directing the immune system to these targets could offer an important opportunity to extend the benefits of immunotherapy for more patients.

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April 20, 2022