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The Nanōmix Vision is one of connected healthcare- making healthcare accessible to all patients, without compromise, by delivering highest quality, rapid, cost effective and portable diagnostic systems. We are currently bringing this technology to bear on the COVID-19 testing needs. Large scale testing will be required to manage the pandemic. The Nanomix immunoassay approach is complementary to PCR testing and is essential for testing the presence of antibodies during and post-infection.

The Nanōmix Point Of Care system includes a hand-held, battery powered instrument and a microfluidic test cartridge that utilizes Carbon Nanotube biosensors to deliver clinical laboratory performance in a point of care or mobile setting. The system operates on whole blood and provides multiple test results per patient sample. The system can be deployed into a range of settings where quality and timely information is needed, including the ambulance, the emergency department, the pharmacy, the home and in lower resourced areas.

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April 20, 2022