The high attrition rates of novel drugs in clinical trials is a clear indication that current preclinical testing is failing to predict compounds that will reach the market. NeuCyte, is an early-stage biotechnology company focused on advancing the drug discovery process by using cell based target-identification and drug-discovery platforms. Our technology accelerates the lead drug identification and optimization process. NeuCyte’s unique human neural platform allows for the evaluation of human specific neural phenotypes that are not identifiable in traditional animal models. This allows for a more reliable predictor of drug efficacy and potential neurotoxicity. NeuCyte’s all-star staff and scientific advisory board is comprised of some of the top stem cell biologists and neuroscientists in the world. The vast knowledge of our team gives us an unrivaled competitive advantage, which allows us to address the unmet needs of patients with neurological disorders.

Company Information

April 20, 2022