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At Neurocrine Biosciences, our purpose is simple: to relieve suffering for people with great needs, but few options. We apply our experience and unique insight into the interconnections between brain and body systems to treat complex conditions. We relentlessly pursue medicines to ease the burden of debilitating diseases and disorders, because you deserve brave science. While others walk away from neuroscience because of risk and complexity, our team persists, resulting in four FDA-approved therapies for tardive dyskinesia, Parkinson’s disease, endometriosis*, and uterine fibroids*, as well as clinical programs in multiple therapeutic areas. For three decades, Neurocrine Biosciences has applied its unique insights into neuroscience to advance medicines for neurological, endocrine, and psychiatric disorders. We have specialized in targeting and interrupting disease-causing mechanisms involving the interconnected pathways of the nervous and endocrine systems. Through internal investment and external collaboration, we relentlessly pursue scientific discovery and development that can lead to important therapies for patients who desperately need new, better options. *in collaboration with AbbVie

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October 5, 2021