Nura Bio


At Nura Bio (previously known as Proneurotech Inc.), we envision a world where the diagnosis of a neurological disorder comes with the hope of a cure. Expanding on recent breakthroughs in crucial neurodegenerative pathways, we are positioned to deliver transformative neuroprotective therapies to prevent and protect against neuronal loss and related neuroimmune dysregulation. Our research and development strategy is currently centered on two approaches: prevention of neuronal loss to preserve neurological function; and restoring the function of the neuron-glia axis to improve the nervous system’s immune surveillance capacity in response to neurological injury. Our discovery engine and emerging multi-target pipeline spans these approaches and is well positioned to address a broad range of neurological diseases. Nura Bio’s lead program is the SARM1 inhibitor program. SARM1, has recently emerged an axon-intrinsic metabolic sensor that is a pivotal driver of axonal degeneration and neuronal integrity. Axon degeneration is an early event in several neurological disorders, and halting it early has tremendous potential in the treatment of central, peripheral, and ocular neurological diseases.

Company Information

April 20, 2022