Scientist 3

The Process Chemistry team is seeking a Chemist with experience in the scale up and scale down of chemical synthesis and purification processes. This position requires experience in synthetic organic chemistry, solvent extraction, ion exchange, adsorption/desorption, filtration, and crystallization. A successful candidate will be able to utilize various analytical techniques such as NMR, GCMS, GC-FID, LCMS, and GPC generating data to characterize impurity profiles as well as identify molecular and surface interactions for the synthesis and purification of target bio-derived products. Experience in polymer chemistry is a plus. It will be necessary to interpret data through risk assessment for scale up of processes and ensure they can meet projected volume requirements, product specifications and customer expectations. Strong communication skills are necessary to provide recommendations along with supporting data to cross-functional teams. Collaboration is key to successfully moving projects forward with safety as a priority for all Purification and Chemical Process Development activities.
Personally responsibility for individual as well as co-worker safety and maintaining safety as the highest priority by supporting and reinforcing procedures and policies as part of a safety first culture.
Application of chemistry concepts to chemical synthesis, purification process design, problem solving, and development based on best practices.
Characterization of bio-derived process streams, determine fate of impurities including mass balances for unit operations.
Design experimental plans to generate meaningful data for process solutions and predictive models.
Hands on performance of laboratory and piloting equipment.
Develop scale up and scale down processes for evaluation and process optimization.
Generate SOPs, Reports and Technology Transfers.
Meet target deliverables within specifications and timelines.
Provide process strategies and communicate success probabilities to stakeholders.
Ph.D. in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or related discipline, with an emphasis on organic chemistry.
4+ years of relevant industry experience.
Proven experience with chemical synthesis purification techniques including column chromatography, ion-exchange, filtration and crystallization.
Experience developing scalable processes, including tech transfers to pilot scale and manufacturing.
Experience with predictive modeling of scale down processes.
Team oriented, self-motivated, able to communicate effectively with excellent documentation skills.
Embrace Amyris Core Values.

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