Scientist, Molecular Isolation & Amplification

Our mission at Ansa Biotechnologies is to revolutionize the way we make DNA. Compared to reading or editing life’s code, writing new code from scratch has remained one of the field’s most elusive challenges. At Ansa, we are putting nature to work, creating novel enzymatic solutions that will redefine how we build DNA. We believe that the biggest challenges our world faces will be solved using biotechnology and that DNA synthesis is the fuel for that transformation. Our enzyme-based approach (published in Nature Biotechnology) promises to dramatically accelerate innovation in biological research and biotechnology, including therapeutics, diagnostics, biomanufacturing, and synthetic biology.

We believe that rapid DNA manufacturing requires a different approach to cloning, one that is outside of cells. As our first Molecular Isolation & Amplification Scientist, you will drive cutting edge projects to replace conventional methods of clonal isolation (bacteria!) with faster and biology-agnostic methods that might be fully in-vitro (e.g., emulsion droplets). Additionally, you’ll work with other teams to scale up these processes to handle hundreds-to-thousands of samples per day.

If you are excited about unlocking super-fast DNA manufacturing and share our vision of developing the next generation of automated DNA cloning, then we want to hear from you!



Generate new methods, and develop and establish a process for isolating individual DNA molecules and amplifying them for input into the DNA sequencing and assembly pipelines
Specify requirements for custom devices or systems used to amplify, sort and collect target DNA molecules in emulsion droplets – or a functionally equivalent solution
Pioneer high-throughput approaches for conducting molecular isolation and amplification for hundreds of samples
Work with process development teams to verify and validate processes dependent on developed methods
Collaborate in a team environment: At Ansa, communication between teams is critical – our technology is built on enzymes, chemistry, and automation. Additionally, we believe that honesty and openness are an instrumental part of the scientific endeavor.

PhD in Synthetic Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Chemistry, or equivalent experience
Strong experience with Emulsions, Microfluidics, and Molecular cloning
5+ years of experience with molecular biology techniques, particularly related to DNA
Demonstrated ability to conceptualize and develop new approaches and methods
Strong interpersonal, verbal communication, and presentation skills
Demonstrated ability to gain familiarity with new disciplines and approaches
Experience with NGS, automation and/or bioinformatic technologies is a plus
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