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Our mission at Ansa Biotechnologies is to revolutionize the way we make DNA. Compared to reading or editing life’s code, writing new code from scratch has remained one of the field’s most elusive challenges. At Ansa, we are putting nature to work, creating novel enzymatic solutions that will redefine how we build DNA. We believe that the biggest challenges our world faces will be solved using biotechnology and that DNA synthesis is the fuel for that transformation. Our enzyme-based approach (published in Nature Biotechnology) promises to dramatically accelerate innovation in biological research and biotechnology, including therapeutics, diagnostics, biomanufacturing, and synthetic biology.

As a NGS scientist, you will be a part of a creative team of like-minded scientists who are developing higher-throughput methods for characterizing the products of our DNA synthesis platform. You will develop cutting-edge techniques and assays, use next-generation sequencing technologies to understand the challenges of synthesizing oligos, and assemble them into genomes.

If you get tremendous satisfaction designing new and improved NGS methods–then we want to hear from you!



Design, implement, and manage experiments to develop NGS methods with special focus on high precision (>99.9% accuracy) and long read (>1kb)
Develop and test NGS/sequencing DNA library preparation methods that best suit Ansa’s needs
Manage NGS pipeline of Ansa’s R&D synthesis products.
Be a team leader: provide guidance and career development to an interdisciplinary team of protein engineers. Assist your fellow scientists with constructive criticism and feedback.
Disclose findings across teams with other scientists, offering insight and suggestions
Collaborating in a team environment: At Ansa, communication between teams is critical–our technology is built on enzymes, chemistry, and automation. Additionally, we believe that honesty and openness are an instrumental part of the scientific endeavor.

PhD or equivalent in molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, bioengineering, chemical engineering, or related field.
Have developed custom NGS or DNA sequencing protocols; especially with long-read sequences (e.g. Nanopore/Pacbio)
Competency with NGS/sequencing data analysis
Experience developing parallelization of samples using molecular identifiers such barcodes, indexes, unique molecular sequence tags
Experience working with various polymerases and amplification techniques a bonus
Enthusiasm to learn new techniques and curiosity to explore new areas of biology
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