Associate Scientist

Experience level: 3-5+ years of lab experience

Fields of expertise (not all required): Cell Culture, iPSC culture maintenance, 3D organoid culture, primary tissue dissection and dissociation, Flow Cytometry and cell sorting, RT-qPCR, reproductive biology

The position

We are currently looking to hire an Associate Scientist with experience in a variety of lab techniques (title depending on experience). This role involves working with one of our different teams to help with cell/organ culture, pluripotent stem cell differentiation as well as downstream analysis such as flow cytometry, qPCR, fluorescent microscopy, etc. This position offers a lot of possibilities to learn from experts in organoid and cell culture and to be on a team that is constantly producing exciting results.

Our Mission

Conception is a startup with the mission of generating viable human eggs from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Successful development of our research could have many benefits, such as removing age limits on motherhood, allowing for easy screening of eggs with harmful genetic mutations, and allowing same-sex couples to reproduce. This has been done in mice, and now we are working to translate it to humans.

Our Research

To accomplish our goal, we must derive human germ cells from iPSCs (human germ cell-like cells, hPGCLCs) that resemble both the transcriptional and epigenetic profile of in vivo germ cells (PGCs) that are able to enter meiosis and develop to viable human eggs. We create ovarian organoids from primary cells and stem cell derived cells to help the eggs develop properly.

What we’re looking for

We have multiple experiment lines currently ongoing to accomplish this goal, and we’re looking to expand our team. Mission alignment as well as a solid scientific background with a reliable track-record in executing experiments is something we strongly care about.

While expertise is valued, we can provide training in areas of inexperience if you are passionate about our goal. There is no requirement for prior experience working on reproductive cells or iPSCs — we love it when people come to work with us from different backgrounds and bring new ideas and techniques to our lab.

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