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The Garrison lab at the Buck Institute seeks a Laboratory Technician/Lab Manager to assist in the operation, oversight, and maintenance of the laboratory and related areas, working in a support role under the Principal Investigator (PI).

● Maintains a regular schedule to be accessible for everyone in the lab.
● Serves as a steward of the lab, facilitating communication between labs, departments, and individuals.
● Assists with onboarding new lab members by providing the necessary documents and training info.
● Attends and participates in weekly lab meetings. Buck-wide seminars, and certain conferences.
● Maintains and attends regular meetings with the PI, Executive Administrator, and Lab Technician.
● Regularly performs assigned lab jobs, keeps action items well-organized, and ensures lab members complete their designated lab jobs.
● Places orders, monitors financial activity and liaises between vendors and lab members to resolve all billing/ordering/delivery issues that arise.
● Takes responsibility for the physical lab to maintain workable office and lab spaces – submits work orders for moving/disposing of equipment, requesting repairs, etc.
● Regularly updates inventories (i.e., chemicals, consumables, computers/printers/software, NGM plate materials (reagents, plates, etc.), equipment).
● Monitors the lab’s email and relays important messages to the PI.
● Formulates the Garrison Lab monthly newsletter, updates the Lab Website
● Updates a lab manual, alongside the PI and Executive Administrator.
● Contributes to administrative Garrison-Lab-specific protocol development.
● Helps mentor undergraduate students and interns as needed.
● After demonstrating technical ability and appropriate scientific knowledge, may assist with graduate student and postdoc research/data collection and engage in scientific discussion and experimental design.

Education & Experience
● BA/BS in Biology or a related field
● 1+ year laboratory experience (degree-related OK; practical experience strongly preferred)
Specialized Skills
● Strong aptitude, background, and knowledge of basic scientific theory
● Strong motivation to perform research
● Excellent technical and problem-solving ability
● Precise attention to detail and accuracy
● Strong sense of initiative and planning
● Works well with other scientists under general supervision and independently
● Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills

● Lab Tech 1 salary: $20 – 25 per hour, commensurate with experience
● Exciting, collaborative work environment at the forefront of science using state-of-the-art techniques.
● Excellent opportunity to get hands-on experience in a research lab environment.

To be considered, please apply online by submitting your CV, a cover letter stating why you are interested in the position and why you are the right person for the job, and contact information for 2 references.

The Garrison Lab aims to understand how inter-tissue communication, mediated by the long-range secreted signals called neuropeptides, influences physiology and aging. We employ advanced imaging, genetic, and biochemical approaches to investigate these questions using both worm and mouse model systems. Our goal is to discover how age-related changes in neuropeptide signaling systems in the brain can influence whole organism healthspan and longevity, and to discover strategies to prevent or delay ovarian aging.

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