Operations Director

We are hiring an Operations Director that will work closely with the CEO and Chief of Staff on company building and development. This role will involve taking over a lot of the operational tasks around our recruiting and HR processes, and is meant for someone that has a decent amount of experience in either or both topics, or a high aptitude to learn quickly.

The ideal candidate should be excited about finding excellent scientists and other team members to join our company, and shepherding them through the interview and onboarding process. The candidate should be a natural problem solver, help run our general operations and not shy away from pitching in on nitty gritty tasks as needed.

The Operations Director will also build relationships with clinics, research labs, and other biotechnology companies by attending relevant conferences and events where you will represent Conception. In addition, you will make sure that our team members can work effectively, take care of HR tasks and be the first touchpoint for employment related questions.

Our Mission

Conception is a startup with the mission of generating viable human eggs from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Successful development of our research could have many benefits, such as removing age limits on motherhood, allowing for easy screening of eggs with harmful genetic mutations, and allowing same-sex couples to reproduce. This has been done in mice, and now we are working to translate it to humans.

Ideal Background

We are looking for someone who has prior experience with recruiting excellent people for a company with a strong talent culture as well as running operations, or someone with a scientific background who would be excited to learn how to build and scale a company well. If you have a combination of both backgrounds (operational + scientific) that would be of course great but not a requirement.

You should be very organized, a good communicator, able to coordinate efficiently with different scientific teams, and be able to stay on top of dynamic team structures.

To apply for this job please visit jobs.ashbyhq.com.

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