Senior Scientist, Gene Editing/Transposition

Poseida Therapeutics

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Position Summary

Poseida is seeking an outstanding candidate to join our Genetic Engineering team. The Gene Editing/Transposition Senior Scientist will play a key role investigating the effects of gene editing and transposon integration using our platform technologies (Cas-CLOVER and piggyBac transposon) for therapeutic applications for gene therapy/editing or CAR-T therapies.



These may include but are not limited to:

·       Apply your strong background in molecular biology, genetics, transposons and/or site-specific nucleases to characterize genetic manipulations generated using the piggyBac and Cas-CLOVER platforms.

·       Work in a highly collaborative, cross-functional team environment to perform experiments in the lab, analyze results, and communicate findings in team meetings.

·       Keep current on trends, new products and technologies in gene editing and knock-ins.

·       May manage 1-2 Research Technicians or Research Associates


Requirements, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

·       PhD in molecular biology, cell biology, or related field with 5 plus years of hands-on experience with site-specific nucleases (especially RNA-guided nucleases), transposons, or viral vectors used in vivo or in vitro (an equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered)

·       Previous experience using methods to investigate/query off-target nuclease-mediated editing, such as GUIDE-seq, ONE-seq, Circle-seq, or amplicon-seq.

·       Previous experience using methods to investigate/query transposon or viral vector integration sites, such as LM-PCR or LAM-PCR.

·       Strong background in standard molecular biology/cloning techniques/tools.

·       Previous experience studying methods to mitigate genotoxicity (e.g. through manipulation of cellular nucleic-acid-sensing machinery) is a plus, although not required.

·       Prior experience with non-viral gene delivery technologies (transposon, episomal, or nanoparticles) is preferred.

·       Intimate knowledge or direct experience with computational/bioinformatics tools used for NGS analysis and proficiency with computer languages (such as Python) is a plus, but not required.

·       Expertise with cell culture is a required, and any experience with the culture and genetic manipulation of primary cells, organoids, hPSCs, or T-cells is a plus.

·       Proficiency with multi-parameter flow cytometry, cell sorting, and FACS analysis software is a plus.

·       Must possess excellent oral and written communication skills.


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