Stem Cell Fellow

Conception is offering a 1 year Fellowship position, with option of 1 year extension, to train experienced biologists on working with pluripotent stem cells, cell differentiation, and organoids. This is an opportunity to work with excellent scientists on an important mission, while gaining or deepening valuable, highly demanded career skills.

Our Mission

Conception is a startup with the mission of generating viable human eggs from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Successful development of our research could have many benefits, such as removing age limits on motherhood, allowing for easy screening of eggs with harmful genetic mutations, and allowing same-sex couples to reproduce. This has been done in mice, and now we are working to translate it to humans.

The position

We are offering stem cell training during a fixed term industry Fellowship for highly skilled biologists with extensive research experience (5+ years, including PhD or equivalent work experience) in academia or industry.

The Fellowship is a paid position for an initial period of 1 year (extension to second year possible) with the possibility to apply for a permanent position at the end of the Fellowship.

Experience in reproductive biology or tissue culture is not essential. Previous cell biology work is highly desirable but not required. We are looking for smart and capable scientists who are able to pick up new skills fast, can manage multiple projects simultaneously and can effectively troubleshoot protocols.

Why come work with us:

Experience in the stem cell biology field is highly desirable in both academia and industry. We have a fantastic team of senior stem cell biologists and are working in an area that very few labs in the world are focused on. Apart from the technical experience, you can expect to grow as a scientist and as a professional with us and will pick up key transferable skills in a dynamic, startup culture.

What you can expect:

Depending on your background and experience, you will get hands-on training by experienced senior scientists from our team in stem cell culture and directed differentiation. The majority of your work will be at the bench carrying out tissue culture experiments as well as analytical assays such as q-PCR, flow cytometry, cell sorting and immunofluorescence staining/imaging. You will have a mentor.

We highly value personal and professional diversity and we love to learn from other research fields. Even if you don’t think your background might be a good fit but our work appeals to you – please do reach out.

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