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Viridos (formerly Synthetic Genomics, Inc) is a privately held biotechnology company harnessing the power of photosynthesis to create transformative solutions to mitigate climate change. Our unparalleled understanding of algal genetics and ability to translate innovation from lab to field underpins our scalable platform to produce low-carbon intensity biofuels for aviation, commercial trucking, and maritime shipping. Building on a legacy of genomic firsts, our team of scientists and engineers are shaping new pathways toward a sustainable bioeconomy. We are currently looking to add a Scientist to our team in La Jolla, CA.


Position Purpose:

The Scientist will apply knowledge and learnings of photophysiology with the synthetic biology tools developed at Viridos to achieve productivity and knowledge Deliverables leading to commercially viable algae for the production of fuel and chemicals.  The successful candidate will have extensive experience in photophysiology and significant exposure to microbial molecular biology, protein biochemistry, transcriptomics, proteomics and bioinformatic data analysis.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The Scientist will work with their supervisor and the team of other scientists contributing significant intellectual input into the design of experiments, employing advanced photophysiological techniques to provide in-house expertise on the light reactions of photosynthetic light reactions. 
  • Carefully execute laboratory experiments, including growth of photosynthetic microbes under meticulously defined conditions, sampling and extraction of nucleic acids and proteins, including subcellular fractionation of eukaryotic algae.
  • Work closely with bioinformaticians to analyze and compare large data sets from various advanced omics experiments, summarize and present data and independently re-design further hypothesis-driven experiments exploiting extracted information.
  • Employ molecular tools to generate and characterize recombinant strains of eukaryotic algae.
  • Contribute significantly to overall success of science program(s), on-going projects, critical patents, grants, or scientific publications.
  • Instruct and provide guidance to Sr. Research Associates and Research Associates.
  • Consistently demonstrate initiative in implementing projects and/or necessary work.

Knowledge and Abilities:

  • Requires a Ph.D. in Phycology, Microbiology, Plant Biology, or a related field and 0-4 years of relevant postdoctoral or industrial experience.
  • Broad and detailed experience with photobiology, photosynthetic processes, and techniques for monitoring photosynthesis (chlorophyll fluorescence, gas exchange, etc).
  • Working knowledge and experience with modern nucleic acid sequence analysis and other bioinformatics tools is required.
  • Must possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills to facilitate interactions with a highly interdisciplinary team.
  • Experience working with eukaryotic algae or other microbial photo-autotrophs is an advantage.

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